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7 step Ebook from Medtech Momentum

What’s in the eBook?

  1. How to identify your ideal customers
  2. How to develop your messaging strategy
  3. How to brand your organization
  4. How to develop your content strategy
  5. How to build your website & social media platforms
  6. How to generate leads
  7. How to measure success

About The Author, Guillaume Viallaneix

Guillaume Viallaneix, is a medical technology expert who, after 20 years as an executive in the MedTech industry, decided that the healthcare market was in dire need of a new kind of marketing agency; One that understood both, medical technologies & digital marketing to help MedTech Companies leverage the power of the internet & social media to generate growth.

MedTech Momentum, Inc. was born in 2013. In November 2018, after 5 years of research & data-mining, the company launched the “MT-7 Framework for Growth”, a step-by-step marketing formula developed to help MedTech executives around the world execute value-driven growth strategies.


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7 step Ebook from Medtech Momentum

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